Sunday, October 26, 2008

Female Lead Singers

So I've never really been a fan of rock bands with female lead singers.....I mean since Heart and Fleetwood Mac pretty much set the standard, it's been a tough act to follow.

Then along came Evanescence and they were awesome. Solid music and a female lead singer, but the buck stopped there. I was sure that rock bands with female lead singers weren't for me, unless it was Heart, Fleetwood Mac, or Evanescence.......Then BAM! Flyleaf and Paramore hit the scene and I have to say that they are BOTH awesome!!!

So my faith in rock bands with female lead singers has been renewed, although I'm pretty sure these 5 bands will be VERY hard to top. Flyleaf and Paramore are so bad ass I actually BOUGHT their music, typically I just (shhhhh) illegally download all my music LMAO, but because I haven't heard a bad Flyleaf OR Paramore song yet, I felt I should invest. I'm definitely a fan!! But I will of right now, Flyleaf is my favorite rock band with a female lead singer...they just kick ass!!

Here are my favorite Flyleaf and Paramore songs....enjoy!!

Flyleaf - I'm So Sick

Paramore - CrushCrushCrush


LoraLoo said...

What about Garbage? Blondie? No Doubt? I daresay, L7?

All you mentioned as classics are indeed that... and Evanescence is good, but I'm wondering if their fire has gone out. Their first album seriously kicked ass.

I decided I really liked Paramore and forgot to go grab them. Guess what I'll be doing today!? Flyleaf, I'll have to give them another listen. :)

Randy~ said...

Garbage wasn't very good, average at best, in my opinion. Blondie wasn't rock, neither was No Doubt. I daresay and L7....nah! Not even close in comparison.