Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Note To The President....

Thanks for fucking up my DVR recordings on Wednesday with your lame, pathetic 15 minute speech. Like ANYONE in the ENTIRE U.S gave a single flying fuck about what you had to say anyway.

In short....the season premiere of Criminal Minds, and the 4th episode of Bones is 110% more important than a SINGLE thing that could EVER come out of your mouth. So not that you EVER do anything good anyway....but thanks again for opening your cock box and fucking up my recordings you douchebag!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Diddy, Diddy......DOG SHIT!!! HAHAHAHA

I saw these pics on the web today and laughed my uncontrollably for several minutes. I really HATE Douchebag Diddy so this really made my day...

It couldn't have happened to a bigger douche. He probably screamed at that dog shit for not watching where it's going. The bodyguard knows what's coming and you can tell he's deciding whether or not he wants to scream "I quit this bitch," or if he wants to get on his knees and actually clean that shit up. Diddy stepping in a pile of doggy butt nuggets is not sexy, but it's definitely fucking funny......Enjoy!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blown Away.....

So I've completely fallen in love with a new show. From the amazingly brilliant, JJ Abrams...The guy who brought us Alias, Lost, and the movie Cloverfield.....JJ has outdone himself with FRINGE!!! A Science Fiction (or is it) Masterpiece! However you want to clasify it, it has my preverbial inner conspiracy theorist running rampid.

The show is only 2 episodes old and I'm telling you, it's the most incredible show I've ever seen. I'm completely hooked (And just in time since this is the final season of The Shield)!!! I hope it can maintain and keep up with it's first 2 episodes, and not peter out like Lost did by Season 3. The first 2 episodes of FRINGE were SICK!!! It was edge of your seat, what the hell is going to happen next kind of stuff. If you're not watching FRINGE....Wake the hell up and add it to your DVR...It's MUST SEE stuff. It airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX. Here's a couple clips......Watch them then go set your DVR....You can thank me later!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

She's STILL Hot!!!!!

Ok...So there was a bit of a debate today while I watched my Seahawks get beat by ANOTHER sub par team (more on that later).....Anyway, the debate came after a commercial for some show that Brooke Shields is in. I say..."Ya know, Brooke Shields is STILL freakin HOT!!!" Immediately you'd have thought I said...ya know, I really want to bang Estelle Getty in the ass. Damned near EVERY person in the room argued that Brooke is NOT hot......HATERS!!!! She's totally hot.

Look, Brooke Shields holds a special place in my heart. She was my first sexual experience, I did her 3 times a day....EVERYDAY...back in the day. Ok, so she wasn't physically present...but we did sexy times DAILY. She was my first!! So all you haters out there...STFU!! Brooke Shields IS STILL freakin HOT!!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Ocho F'N Cinco?? Are You KIDDING Me?!?!

So another NFL season is upon us and all I can think of is...THANK GOD FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!

The joke that is the NFL has yet ANOTHER clown in it's circus. As if having Terrell Owens in the NFL isn't the worst thing EVER....We now have Chad Ocho Cinco formerly known as Chad Johnson. Yes...this ASSHOLE legally changed his name to reflect his jersey number of 85. What's unbelievably fucking hillarious is that Ocho Cinco isn't's 8, 5....85 is ochenta y cinco. What if this retard gets traded or goes to another team and someone else on that team already has #85? Will he then change his name to Ocho Cinco No Mas? Why did he do this? Well for obvious reasons of it's all about ME...He wanted the name on his jersey to say Ocho Cinco instead of Johnson. What a JACKASS!!

This is the problem with the NFL. It makes me SICK! The selfishness and overall lack of TEAM that lies within players deemd as "stars". Chad Johnson plays ON A TEAM yet all he cares about is himself. What's even worse is a so called PROFESSIONAL football franchise actually writes a check to this asshole for millions of dollars then sends him out on the field every Sunday to show his ass. How can a TEAM or a LEAGUE allow a guy a job when he CLEARLY doesn't give a fuck about the NFL, The Cincinnati Bengals, or the fans in general? How does the team or the NFL NOT fine this assclown? What's even worse, the GREED of the league will have him in the starting lineup, probably scoring a touchdown or 2 and then doing what? Acting like a fucking tool in the end zone, bringing attention to himself rather than his TEAM. Do the Bengals actually wonder why they SUCK? I'd love to be the owner of this team, it would be worth it to pay Chad and never allow him a single play on the field. I'd sit his ass on the bench and never let him see a down. I know you may be thinking...I'd cut him or trade him.....but the GREED of the NFL would just move this asshole to another team who will allow his antics. Sit his ass out an entire year OR until he drops the rediculous name change and TAKE the spotlight away. When he speaks out about it, FINE HIM!! This is why the NFL sucks! It's all about the dollar and not about the sport....thank God for College Football.....with any luck Chad Ocho Cinco will get hit by a fucking bus!!!! Do us a favor and change your name to "Soy un idiota egoĆ­sta" It'll be a much better fit!