Sunday, July 19, 2009

Simply Classic...

Ok so I stumbled upon a comedy last month that I have now seen 5 times. It's, hands down, the funniest movie I've seen since SuperBad. It rapidly made it's way to my top 10 movies EVER. The Hangover is the #1 movie of 2009, hands down! If you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT, you'll be glad you did. My bachelor party was CLASSIC, in fact, it was the best part of my marriage...HOWEVER, if I ever get married again, THIS is exactly how I want my bachelor party to end up. Here's some clips...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Big Globs Of Greasy, Grimy, Gopher Guts...

Dear Mound Makers,

Look, I am keenly aware that you were here prior to me buying the house. I am also aware that you were here before the house was built. This land is your land, I get that.

The thing is that I'm stressed out about you taking over my lawn. I don't give a mole's ass if you come up for air in the nooks and crannies of my yard. They're yours. But, please, for the sake of your well being, leave my lawn alone.

I've researched several solutions to our co-habitation challenge: however, experts agree that the only real solution is your complete, painful and immediate demise. I do have a trap out in the shed, in fact, it came with the house. I don't know if you or your friends have seen these things,they're terrifying. I'd be happy to show it to you if you'd like. I'll leave it by the large dirt mound (the one you favor) on my front lawn. Don't worry, I won't set it...THIS TIME; it's simply for display and educational purposes. Go ahead, touch it, get a feel for it. You know, I'll even leave a latte next to it so you can ponder your decision in comfort.

I'm hoping we can work this out in a civil fashion, and so, I would appreciate a meeting of the minds with those in charge. Yes, take me to your leader,the decision maker. Perhaps we can agree to a homeopathic solution; one that won't cause you any harm or discomfort or agonizing pain.

Please consider my offer and respond accordingly.

Civilly yours, THIS TIME

Property Owner