Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Told You America Got It Wrong

So I posted a while back about the election and Americas choice for a new President. I gave a little bit of history on just how unpatriotic he really is...Well, I found something really disturbing today while drinking my coffee and reading world news. Seems Mr. Obama (I use that term extremely losely) has gone above and beyond in his anti-patriotic ways....I can't believe this guy got the vote, it's sickening!!

Click the link...and happy reading! Way to go America!

Obama Snubs Nation's Heroes, Becomes the First President to Skip Ball Honoring Medal of Honor Recipients in Over 50 Years

Addicted to The Office

A couple of friends and I have been putting together a new blog that is dedicated to the most awesomest show ever....The Office! If your a fan you should definitely add it to your daily must views. It's coming along and will be really fun when it's 100%

You can find it at this link....Addicted To The Office

Don't forget to click on the "follow" link so we know you've been there. And feel free to contribute anything related to The Office and one of us will post it in the appropriate place. The photo galley is up and running, that's the latest...ENJOY!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

5 Jams On My Ipod Today

Sublime - Wrong Way...Sublime is one of my all time fav's. I have every song they've ever recorded burned on a CD, even their underground stuff.

Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar...Well, because Metallica kicks all kinds of ass and my ipod is loaded with their stuff, more of their old stuff as opposed to their new stuff though.

Katy Perry - Ur So Gay...Seriously, I'll admit it...I like Katy Perry. And it's not just because she kissed a girl and liked it.

Hollywood Undead - Undead...This band is seriously growing on me. Great stuff. This song is actually my cell phone ring tone....I like em!

Dropkick Murphy's - Blood & Whisley...I'm Irish, I like Irish bands...SUE ME!! Besides....DKM kick all kinds of ass!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok....So I have been a loyal follower of CSI (The Original) since it began. I own every season on DVD and have ALWAYS said CSI is my favorite amongst the 3 on television. When CSI spun off CSI: Miami....I checked it out, but quickly dismissed it. David Caruso is just AWFUL and the Medical Examiner on that show is really, really creepy with the dead people...she caresses them and talks to them and's really horrifying. So CSI: Miami was definitely out, I've never seen an episode after season 1. Then CSI: Miami spun off CSI: NY and I was totally against it and severely biased that it was going to suck....but...I gave it a go. WOW!! It was awesome! I loved it immediately. However, I never discussed it when the subject of "your favorite CSI" came up...I was loyal to the original and wasn't about to sway. Even though CSI: NY has one of the HOTTEST women on TV on the show Melina Kanakaredes.


Still, her obvious hotness could not make me name it as my favorite CSI, no way, no how! Then came the new season...Warrick was gone, now Grissom is gone and I'm sorry but Marg Helgenberger is NOT hot, not even a little, even though they specifically write it into the show that she IS hot. After losing the 2 best characters on the show, I'm sorry to say that CSI is no longer my favorite of the genre...and them bringing in Lawrence Fishburn, as great as he is, to replace Grissom, won't help me change my mind...My favorite CSI is now CSI: NY, hands down!! The cast rules! Gary Sinise is amazing and Carmine Giovinazzo is really good too....not to mention the complete and total hotness of Melina Kanakaredes. So there it is! I have publically announced my intentions of being a loyal CSI: NY fan and naming it my #1 CSI show.


Road Warrior!!!

So I just came out of my coma....literally!

I had to make a road trip to Seattle to handle a personal matter, unexpectedly. So I found myself doing something pretty stupid, now that I have had time to reflect. I wanted to go to Seattle, handle my bidnezz, and come right back home....Long story! So here's what I did. I stayed awake for 39 hours straight and drove for 27 hours total. My only break in that 27 hours were gas station stops, and the aforementioned "bidnezz" I had to handle. I hurt in places I didn't know I had....sitting in a car all that time was not a good thing LOL. I also totally blew the reason I wanted to get back home in a hurry...I had meetings at work I needed to attend...Nobody told me that when you keep your body awake for 39 hours living on nothing but Monster energy drinks...when you "crash" it's gonna be really hard, and it was....I slept 16 1/2 hours LMAO!! Work? Meetings? Cell Phone? what the hell are those?, I slept right thru all of it...oh well, I'll deal with it on Monday. Right now all I want to do is sit in my recliner and zone out....I seriously have pains that I didn't know I had or would feel while I was driving....after sleeping it off and climbing outta bed..OH MY GOD...for the first time ever....I felt a little old.

I've always been a road warrior. I've made the coast to coast trip 7 times, I've driven thousands of miles....but I've always had a break, always took my time, never went somewhere that was 1000 miles away, did what I had to do in an hour, and drove another thousand miles to get right back....all on no sleep and no wasn't my usual "fun road trip mood" this time it was a "i hate my life" mood...and I never wanna feel that again...cause, life ROCKS!!!

I DO need to thank Lora and Nik for keeping me awake, safe, and occupied with all the text messages....if it weren't for you 2 I would have never made THANK YOU!! And Melissa for the ability to stay on the phone with me for several hours without wanting to smash her phone with a hammer when it was over....if it weren't for friends like all of you, I may still be lying in a ditch somewhere...literally!

For the takes 14 Monster Energy drinks (Kaos Flavor) to pull that off...but I don't recommend it LOL

Friday, January 9, 2009

Amazon is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

So I had like 15 blu-ray movies that I've seen and didn't really care if they were in my collection or not, so I decided to give selling on a try....I've been selling on ebay forever and the whole waiting for payment thing, and deadbeat bidders is a pain in the ass. At if someone wants your item they pay for it right then and there, which rules!

So I figured what the hell...they can stay listed on there forever, for all I care...someday, someone will buy em. That was like 3 or 4 hrs ago...I just checked my email and EVERY SINGLE blu-ray is sold already LMAO...I just made a cool $225. So that's it, I'm SOLD....ebay can kiss my ass, from now on I'm selling my shit on!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dinkin Flicka!

I have been using my new word now for about 3 weeks. It's only gotten worse, I'm up to about 50 times a day at least. It's all because of my addiction...YES! I'm an addict! I didn't really notice until I put it up as my status on another site and got a bunch of messages asking what the hell is "Dinkin Flicka"

Hi. My name is Randy, and I'm addicted to "The Office" DINKIN FLICKA!!

It's all Lora's fault, she's a total enabler and pusher! How bad is my addiction? Well I'm currently working on ANOTHER blog, totally dedicated to "The Office" Yep! You can find it RIGHT HERE. Become a follower, contribute. it's gonna be a fun site when all is said and done.

DINKIN FLICKA (don't act like it's not the coolest phrase EVER)
Made popular in a recent episode of "The Office", dinkin flicka roughly translates to "That's life".

It can be used in many circumstances and basically means, 'well, what can you do about it?.. that's life'
The expression is generally used in response to horrible circumstances and is often repeated in agreement by the one in the bad situation.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Yet another installment in the "Things That Make Randy Laugh" category. Enjoy...

It's OVER....Deal With It!!

Ok look....I'm not the grinch or anything. I'll admit that I'm not big on the holidays between November and December...but I'm not the grinch.

Here's the thing. It's January 2 and I STILL see Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE!! Take that shit down's OVER!! There is nothing more annoying than Christmas decorations in November and STILL in January. I just don't get it. And the excessive decorator...LIKE MY DAD...OMG!! Don't even get me started. The decorations in the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? That's my Dad. Every year around November 1st, I start calling him Clark Griswold and I don't stop until he packs all that shit away for the year. I went to visit my Dad over the New Years holiday...His Christmas shit is still up and he hasn't even thought of putting it away. I was all like...while I'm here you want me to help you take all this shit down and put it out in your shed? He's's not time to come down yet. UUGGHH!!!

What the hell is wrong with putting up your Christmas decorations on December 15 and taking them down on December 27? That's LOGICAL!! What's wrong with you people? Anyway...I love my Dad but I couldn't wait to get the hell out of his Christmas house of horrors...he's got more shit than 5 people should have. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO effin glad Christmas is gone and 350+ days away! Now if only everyone would just LET GO, the world would be right again.