Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brilliant, Amazing, Powerful

So I watched Gran Torino tonight. Directed, Produced, and starring Clint Eastwood. Hands down the greatest actor of this Millennium. Watch all the awards he wins for this one....It'll be a clean sweep!

The movie was, by far, the best movie I've seen in several years. Without a doubt, in my top 5...probably at #1. The movie was powerful, touching, brilliant, and sent a message that you could not miss. I am seriously blown away by it.

Whatever you do...DON'T miss this movie. I guarantee you'll be listing it among the best movies you've ever seen. Gran Torino....remember it, it's one of the best movies ever made! I'm STILL reeling!!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

A Week?

WOW..I haven't blogged in a week. Guess I haven't had shit to say...weird! Usually I have quite a bit to say..So here I am, blogging today to let you know that I'm here but I have nothing to say...at the moment. Except for what I just said, beyond that I don't have anything else...ok now this is turning into something else, so I need to stop because I have nothing else right now...or I didn't then...I may in the future...oh shit it is the future...OK STOP IT, you're luring me into blogging when I have nothing to say. Maybe tomorrow, nothing else today though...right! OK! Good! So we're done then?1 Cool! Talk to you tomorrow....or shortly thereafter..whichever suits me...suits YOU? I don't care!! I'll blog when I wanna, not when you demand it....

Shit, I'm sorry people...the voices in my head were talking to me again...Have a nice day!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Shenanigans Crack Me Up

So I have this friend, who lives in a different time zone. I've been warning her that one night, randomly, I will proceed to call and text her over and over again, for the sole purpose of waking her up from a sound night sleep. I've held off for a perfect time, and tonight was that perfect time.

You see, I KNEW she got HAMMERED last night and was probably hurtin for certain and REALLY needed to get that quality sleep so she can work tomorrow. So I patiently waited all day, knowing full well I would set my master plan in action very, very late. So at about 2am her time, while she was getting that much needed recovery sleep....I called her like 5 times, leaving voicemail so her phone would beep, and texting her. I knew she MUST leave her phone on for work purposes and I was banking on her cell phone alerts for voicemail and text messages were active and loud. I didn't disappoint myself...It was beautiful. Here's her replies to my shenanigans, no more than 5 minutes after I left 5 voicemails and 5 text messages...obviously she's awake now LMAO!

Text # 1 - "Duuuuuude u pickd the WORST day 2 do this. Thanks LOL"
Text #2 - "U have no clue just how fukd up it is. U timed it perfectly. I am forced to hate you now".

Mission accomplished!! I sooooooo RULE!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I had kind of a bummer night and needed to laugh. So it's time for yet another....Things that make Randy laugh post!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HUH? WTF?!?!

Ok so I call my Dad tonight for my weekly checkin, see how things are, how he's doing. The good son routine....because..well...I'm the BEST Son...EVER!!! But it's easy because I have the BEST Dad....EVER!!!

Anyway...we talking, yada yada yada.....Christmas, Life, Things in general. Typical Dad, Son talk. Then I get this....."Ok I gotta go Son, Family Guy is coming on" WTF?!?! Ok so I was blown off for a TV show, but what's more effin freaky is...MY DAD WATCHES FAMILY GUY? I've never got into it, but every person under 25 that I know...lives for that show. And my Dad is soooo not the Family Guy type...or is he? It's like I stepped into the Twilight Zone.

So I'm like...you watch Family Guy? He goes, I never miss it, I even own the DVD sets. I love that show...that and Grey's Anatomy...HOLY FUCKIN HELL...Where is my Dad and what have you done to him? I say...ok I gotta go, I need to check the news to see if Aliens have taken over the earth. He laughs and goes...I love you too, Bye. And that was it. I'm still reeling, baffled, I have no words...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


This was emailed to me today and it made me laugh out loud for several minutes.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hillarious, Inappropriate...Right Up My Alley

So I watched Zack & Miri Make a Porno tonight and I have to say...it didn't disappoint! On a scale of 1-10, it was an easy 8.5! The ending wasn't all that great but the rest of it was pretty ef'fin hilarious!

I don't really see how you can go wrong when you put Seth Rogan in a Kevin Smith movie, and then mix in other wildly inappropriate people, like Jason Mews and some real life porn stars. Even Daryl from The Office was in it and HE KILLED!!! The movie had some serious laugh out loud moments and some moments that people with a wildly inappropriate sense of humor would like. There's a shit scene that almost made me fall out of my chair...I'm THAT guy...I find things that are wrong on so many levels, completely funny. So check it out...you can thank me later!

Here's the trailer...

Happy Birthday LORA


So today is my super duper good friend, Lora's birthday. We won't speak of her "actual" age...let's just say, some things NEVER get that old (i'm kidding)

She's the most awesome-est friend...EVER and I've known her for many, many....MANY years. She's the prototype and ORIGINAL "HWMD" oh...Hybrid Weapon of Mass Destruction..based in part of her total awesomeness, her love of sports, her sense of humor, her lack of filter, her stunning good looks, and her ability to generally make the world a better place to be in. She's the prototype and the only known HWMD of origin to date!

I think everyone should go pay homage to the most amazing person I know and wish her a most awesome day. Just 1 minute near her makes your day better...trust me. She's HERE so go show her some love!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That's What She Said...

Ok here's the dealio. I used to have an addiction to The Office. It was a very severe addiction. I would often randomly quote The Office anywhere, and everywhere. I would do this several times a day....by several, I mean 2,000. I've seen every episode of The Office at least 3 times, so it's not really hard to memorize the lines....that's what addicts do, they addict-isize..ingly live their addiction.

So, I was able to somewhat kick this addiction. I skipped all of season 5 in an attempt to detox. I figured by the time it came out on DVD, I could slowly and carefully enjoy a taste now and again. The thing is...a really good friend of mine, who will remain nameless..Lora....started watching it, and then she started talking about it, then she blogged about it....pretty soon she had the needle in 1 hand and my arm in the other and she drove the spike in deep.....Thanks to her, I'm a full blown junkie again and it's hard (that's what she said) to not love the show. So I guess I should thank the person who will remain nameless..Lora...for her persistence and addictive enabling. If you're not watching The Office....you SHOULD be!!

Here's some of Jim's best pranks on Dwight...enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank You

So I wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and everything. I don't really celebrate my birthday...well haven't in a while, but this year I did, thanks to a great group of friends.

Lora - For the announcement on your blog and for being the most AWESOME person...EVER! A true, great friend and the best person I know. Thank you!
Melissa - The surprise lunch with everyone there was great. Thank you!
Jenn - For conspiring with Melissa. Thank you!
Mark, Sam, Chris - For the 3 12 packs of Guinness. Thank you!
Sophia - For the homemade plate of enchiladas and tamales (MY FAV) Thank you!
Kelii - For the grass skirt hula girl bobble thingy, I always wanted for my desk. Thank you!
Everyone at work - For the decorations and cake, cards, gifts, etc. Thank you!
The girls at HOOTERS for lunch - For the.....umm bday song, yeah..that's it. Thank you!

I honestly had no idea it would even be a thing today, but it was and I'm thankful for a great group of friends who always seem to make me smile. I'll remember this birthday. Thank you for making it special!