Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America Got It WRONG!

Ok look...I don't debate politics, like religion all it does is create hard feelings when people disagree. So I'm gonna make my point, do my rant...then I'm over it.

This Presidential election was the biggest joke in American history. 80% of people who voted for Obama did so because "everyone else was doing it" It became this years "hip" and "cool" thing to do. Oh yea....let's vote for Obama because my favorite "actor" on a TV show is doing it...ridiculous!!! I asked 4 people yesterday to give me 5 reasons they think Obama will be a great leader....Not only did everyone fail to name TWO reasons, they ALL said the same thing. Because he's going to change things and not be like Bush. Yea...good reason to vote for him....moron! The African American community voted for his race, not his experience. The White Americans voted for him because it was what all their friends were doing and we know how white America loves to "keep up with the Jones'"

I'm not saying McCain was any better. I'm not anti-Obama. Let me tell you my reasons for NOT voting for Obama......

I'm a military man. I was raised in a military family and I was a member of the military myself. I love America and I feel I'm pretty patriotic and proud of my country. In my opinion America can't have a leader with no military experience, no military background, he's never SERVED his country so how the hell can he LEAD it? Not only does he have NO experience, he is 110% clueless about how the military works. Don't believe some shit with Obama/Military and read on....his ignorance on the defenders of our country is damn near legendary. Furthermore....Obama REFUSES....REFUSES to pledge allegiance to the flag. It's what America is built on. Our flag is who we are. It's carried in EVERY way, shape, and form...think about the American Flag and where you see it and what it means. Obama thinks the American Flag is "pointless" and does not represent "patriotism" Think I'm it!!! Again...The National Anthem, as Americans we know that when it plays, we pay respect. In uniform we salute, out of uniform we cover our heart with our right hand. Obama refuses to honor our National Anthem, instead he merely stands there and waits till it's over...think I'm it, it's even comes with pictures of his disrespect. The little American Flag lapel pin that is worn by EVERY politician and patriot...yea, Obama refuses to wear one, rufuses to be a "a part of that" And now, the position in America that is upheld as the most patriotic position in our country, is held by a man who slaps patriotism in the face and refuses to be a part of it....But it's ok because Oprah voted for him so he must be good.

America wanted change? I'm afraid you're going to get it and probably not like the results. It's amazing how easily people will "follow" instead of thinking for themselves. I've always found it to be WEAK when people do something because others are and not because they know why they are doing it. Colin Powell will not run for know why? Because he thinks he'd win based on the color of his skin. A man who would probably make the best President in history refuses to run because he knows America will not vote for any other reason other than the color of his skin....How right was he? Obama proved that in 1 day!!

Like every other President....America is jazzed about him now and hates him in 4 years....Yeah, you got him elected because it was the cool thing to do and because he's black....Please don't complain when it don't pan out and turns out to be the WORST decision in American history. Next time you hear the National Anthem, look around for a Vet and then walk over to him and spit in his face, rip the flag patch off his uniform and piss on it....It's what you did when you voted for Obama.


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