Monday, November 3, 2008

I Can Barely Contain Myself.....

Ok so there are 2 things that for some reason I can't do without. It's like crack addiction, I guess. You know it's no good but you HAVE to have it. The 2 things for me have a dirty mind, I know what you're thinking....ok 3 things, but that's for another blog.....So 2 things, cheesy "B" rated horror movies and any and all martial arts movies!! Seriously, I'll watch ANY horror movie made, no matter how bad it sucks and I'll do the same with martial arts movies. And it's not like I just catch them on cable...No, no, no...I'll browse movie shelves and netflix to get them. I actually work to find these movies. And ya know what? I LOVE em!!!

Ok so....1 of my all time favorite martial arts movies is being remade. The 1985 classic The Last Dragon. I am jazzed beyond belief. Not only is The Last Dragon one of my all time favorite Martial Arts movies but it also holds 1 of my all time favorite movie characters in it....The Shogun Of Harlem - Sho'Nuff (pictured below, with a video clip)


I've learned today that the remake will feature none other than the king of "Motherfucker" Samuel L. Jackson as Sho'Nuff!!! Not only is Sam Jackson freaking AWESOME but now he's playing one of the most awesome movie characters of all time....It just don't get any better than that. You KNOW I'll be in the theater the FIRST night this movie comes out. If you grew up in the 80's and haven't seen The Last must have grown up in a cave!! Rent it, it's soooooo worth it.


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LoraLoo said...

Ok I really think I never saw this movie?

As soon as I read Samuel L. Jackson, I knew I'd be seeing the remake. He is THE epitome of Bad Ass.