Sunday, November 9, 2008

Insanely AWESOME!!!

Ok so....I was with some friends today and my good friend Mark showed me this INSANE interactive, free game. It's called Hotel 626. OMG it's EF'ING AWESOME!!!

Hotel 626, is an online game where you have to check into this haunted hotel and attempt to escape with no harm. You can only check into Hotel 626 from 8pm-8am, but if you adjust the time on your computer you should be just fine to play anytime. You are also asked to play the game in the dark, using your headphones and a microphone. It's also a first player game, so you really feel like you're there. Now, go ahead and turn the lights off, and plug in your head phones, and prepare to be horrified.

This game is literally taking over the web and making a mark as one of the BEST online games out there....if you're not too scared to give it a go. I played it and it legitimately freaked me out a few times. I'll be a regular because the game KICKS ASS!!! Be afraid...Be VERY afraid!!!

1 comment:

LoraLoo said...

WTF?! If it freaked you out, it's gonna make me pee a little. LOL I'll sooooo be checking it out.