Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HUH? WTF?!?!

Ok so I call my Dad tonight for my weekly checkin, see how things are, how he's doing. The good son routine....because..well...I'm the BEST Son...EVER!!! But it's easy because I have the BEST Dad....EVER!!!

Anyway...we talking, yada yada yada.....Christmas, Life, Things in general. Typical Dad, Son talk. Then I get this....."Ok I gotta go Son, Family Guy is coming on" WTF?!?! Ok so I was blown off for a TV show, but what's more effin freaky is...MY DAD WATCHES FAMILY GUY? I've never got into it, but every person under 25 that I know...lives for that show. And my Dad is soooo not the Family Guy type...or is he? It's like I stepped into the Twilight Zone.

So I'm like...you watch Family Guy? He goes, I never miss it, I even own the DVD sets. I love that show...that and Grey's Anatomy...HOLY FUCKIN HELL...Where is my Dad and what have you done to him? I say...ok I gotta go, I need to check the news to see if Aliens have taken over the earth. He laughs and goes...I love you too, Bye. And that was it. I'm still reeling, baffled, I have no words...


LoraLoo said...

Parents do that surprise stuff sometimes, so I guess we get to do it to our kids someday too.

I still get that same feeling every time my Dad texts me. Seriously, he's a texting KING, and I still pause when I get one from him.

Nik said...

Okay, sorry your pops dissed you, but I just wanna say that your dad rocks. Family Guy and Grey's Anatomy are two of my fave shows. SO your dad kicks ass (we're gonna have to argue the best dad ever point though, cuz I'm pretty sure my dad is. LMAO) Sounds like you and your dad have a pretty cool relationship, sweet!