Saturday, January 24, 2009

5 Jams On My Ipod Today

Sublime - Wrong Way...Sublime is one of my all time fav's. I have every song they've ever recorded burned on a CD, even their underground stuff.

Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar...Well, because Metallica kicks all kinds of ass and my ipod is loaded with their stuff, more of their old stuff as opposed to their new stuff though.

Katy Perry - Ur So Gay...Seriously, I'll admit it...I like Katy Perry. And it's not just because she kissed a girl and liked it.

Hollywood Undead - Undead...This band is seriously growing on me. Great stuff. This song is actually my cell phone ring tone....I like em!

Dropkick Murphy's - Blood & Whisley...I'm Irish, I like Irish bands...SUE ME!! Besides....DKM kick all kinds of ass!


LoraLoo said...

Sorry to say this, but Sublime just never did it for me. This isn't a bad song though, I have a bit of their stuff, just never bought a whole CD.

That's my absolute favorite Metallica song, I can listen to that over and over.

Katy Perry - ugh.

I don't know the last two bands, gotta check them out!

Nik said...

Katy Perry, really?!?!? *sigh* to each his own.

Metallica and Dropkick Murphy's, ROCK ON!!! Hollywood Undead, the only song of theirs I dig. Sublime, ehh.

I'm sure you totally posted this just to hear what we have to say about your taste in tunes. lol