Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dinkin Flicka!

I have been using my new word now for about 3 weeks. It's only gotten worse, I'm up to about 50 times a day at least. It's all because of my addiction...YES! I'm an addict! I didn't really notice until I put it up as my status on another site and got a bunch of messages asking what the hell is "Dinkin Flicka"

Hi. My name is Randy, and I'm addicted to "The Office" DINKIN FLICKA!!

It's all Lora's fault, she's a total enabler and pusher! How bad is my addiction? Well I'm currently working on ANOTHER blog, totally dedicated to "The Office" Yep! You can find it RIGHT HERE. Become a follower, contribute. it's gonna be a fun site when all is said and done.

DINKIN FLICKA (don't act like it's not the coolest phrase EVER)
Made popular in a recent episode of "The Office", dinkin flicka roughly translates to "That's life".

It can be used in many circumstances and basically means, 'well, what can you do about it?.. that's life'
The expression is generally used in response to horrible circumstances and is often repeated in agreement by the one in the bad situation.


LoraLoo said...

I have to come back later to check the clip... but LMAO on the blog! I love it, it screams of awesome.

The Office is pure Zen, and you know it. Muahahahahahahaha!

Nik said...

LMAO! Dinkin Flicka is awesome, can't believe I forgot it. As long as you're aware of your addiction then todo es bueno, dude! How can anyone not be an addict of this show though? It's that badass. *currently re-watching season 2* Should we be wearing nametags? hehehe