Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bad Movies

So Melissa has a new hobby....Picking the worst movies for us to watch each week. Her latest? Twilight! I don't get the fascination....the movie was AWFUL! A vampire love story? I knew I was going to hate it too...but I made a deal to watch her choice of movie each week. What's baffling is how much she loves it. She even has the damn book. My daughter Gabrielle is a huge fan of it too, but she's 12.

Now I'm all for a Vampire movie...Lost Boys, Interview With The Vampire, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dracula, Underworld...but freaking Twilight? What's worse is I'm told there will be a sequel, perhaps a trilogy...WHAT THE HELL? Chicks old and young LOVE this crap...What's terrifying is, there are probably a few males out there that like it too, do they realize they can never call themselves MEN?

I'm DYING to debate the relevance of this story with ANYONE...Melissa don't count, she's foreign so that's a usable excuse for bad taste in movies. Anyone else that claims this crap is "good" needs their head checked!


Angi said...

c'mon now. I know the movie was a bit cheesy - but what do you expect from a sex, real violence or anything, I was surprised she mentioned herion in the book/movie cause of her religion. I made my hubby watch it and he cracked jokes the whole time, but he got a kick out of the cleaning the shotgun/meeting Edward scene. but really, the books are very good....and underneath it all it's a story of forbidden love. every girl wants her Edward (not a vampire) but a man that loves her unconditionally

LoraLoo said...

Randy, Randy, Randy. Melissa doesn't have bad taste in movies. You do. LOL! I kid, I kid.

Angi's right, chicks are attracted to the whole romantic idea of someone like Edward Cullen, cause we know he doesn't exist (but wow, how nice if he really did).

Men hate this stuff cause it's the pressure to be someone that doesn't actually exist. I get that, cause chicks can get unrealistic about that stuff. I'm guy enough to totally understand that. :)

I really loved Bram Stoker's Dracula... probably my favorite vampire movie, although Interview with a Vampire was pretty good too. Do I think they're better than the Twilight story? Definitely. But I'm still quite entertained, and that's all that matters. I should point out, as well, that many of the vampire stories/movies do have a love story in there, somewhere....