Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beer Me!!

So a co-worker and I were out for lunch today at a Pub/Restaurant that we like to frequent because of their import beers. When asked if I "Really enjoy any other import rather than Guinness" I replied, "YES! Yuengling!" to which my co-worker and the bartender ask...."What the hell is Yuengling"

It's pronounced...YING LING...and it's an awesome beer. Now typically I'd let you know that Yuengling isn't an import at all....If you happen to live on the Eastern Seaport. But out west....that beer is a total mystery and to get it here it would have to be IMPORTED. It's only distributed to a few states back East, I experienced it during my time in New York/New Jersey and while I had Yuengling, I never drank a single Guinness. Seriously though, Yuengling is probably the best beer I've ever had, Now my Guinness will ALWAYS be #1 but if it were sitting side by side with some Yuengling right now...I'd knock it over just to get to the Yuengling. So if you're ever back East, make sure to grab a bottle of Yuengling and remember who told you about it.

If you currently live in a state that HAS me, I have a lucrative import proposition for you...SERIOUSLY!!!!



Nik said...

I'm not far enough east, otherwise I'd totally hook you up! I'll try to remember to grab some for you if we roadtrip anywhere that sells it.

Renee said...

I've actually heard of this beer and I don't even LIKE beer! I think our friends in South Carolina were telling my husband about it's awesomeness. Sorry you can't get your hands on any!

-E said...

Yuengling is my favorite beer! First tried it about five years ago when I went into a pub that didn't have any domestic beers. When I moved out to New Mexico in 2006, I was crushed to find I was stuck with Corona! Luckily I'm back in FL these days :-)