Wednesday, April 29, 2009

His First 100 Days....FAIL!!

Obama's first 100 days = 12 billion dollars a day. Obama acting like the red headed stepchild when criticized = free. Proving the "messiah" don't walk on water...PRICELESS!

Cracks me up how the ignorance of numerous Americans allows them to support a guy who shakes hands with Hugo Chavez and bows to the Saudi President. Oh I'm's "cool" to dig the "Hollywood President" because "everyone else does"

His address of his first 100 days was kindergarten like, it was almost sad. Then again, it was great to see him FAIL on an all new level. Way to completely avoid the issues on Pakistan HAHAHA! FAIL!!

Hey Obama....keep rubbing elbows with "the cool kids" hopefully they won't notice you're not a member of the club until the re-election. I'm not a follower of Fox News...BUT....Man do they nail it when it comes to this guy.

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Nik said...

Wait, you mean being the President isn't a popularity contest? lol
I didn't watch his address, so I can't say anthing about it, but have no interest in what he had to say either. I realize he's trying to improve foreign relations, but some of the people he's "hobnobbing" with wouldn't piss on us if we were burning. No amount of ass kissing will change the attitudes of some people towards the US.
Ahhh, politics, blech!