Saturday, April 4, 2009


I don't get very much spam in my email, I take precautions to keep my inbox and spam box fairly empty. I use my personal email for emails between friends and colleagues and never use it for internet websites...except something like facebook, twitter, etc. Basically personal networking sites. I have another email I use to float around the web....and it breaks spam records, last I checked there were something like 4600 messages in the spam folder....ANYWAY, back to why I'm posting....I got some spam today in my personal email

On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 5:34 PM, Senator David Mark wrote:


This is to officially inform you that(ATM Card Number;(5179123456789120)
has been accredited in your favor.Your Personal Identification Number is
The ATM Card Value is $6.8 MILLION USD.You are advice to contact
Mr Jeffery Simpson via Email( with the

Full Name:
Delivery Address:
Phone Number:

Please Note that you are to pay the sum of $85 USD for the delivery of
your ATM Card by FedEx Courier Express

Best Regards,
Senator David Mark.

So I wanted to post immediately and let everyone know that since I just became a millionaire, I'm not sure how much I'll be posting from now on.....SERIOUSLY? What baffles me is that emails like this are still sent, what floors me is....People who ACTUALLY believe them. Being that I have been on the internet regularly since like 1995, emails like these don't even catch my attention, this one slipped into my personal inbox. I have to ask....Do any of my fellow bloggers or anyone reading this......Do you fall prey to scams like this? Do you forward chain letters because if you don't you'll receive 7 years bad luck? I still have the occasional friend forward me something and it BAFFLES me...Anyway, if someone else would like to claim my credit card for 6.8 million dollars, feel free...I'm just that generous!


LoraLoo said...

OMG You would not believe the amount of spyware, viruses and malware we see on a daily basis because users fall for this shit. Repeatedly.

I delete chain letters! Although I do love the meme's - don't hate! LOL

Randy said...

There's been a meme or 2 that sparked my interest...So I won't hate....for that anyway! LMAO

Robert said...

Good post, Randy. Yes, I know a scam when I see one. LOL. The only time I'll walk away with 8 mil is when 1 of 2 things occurs: I win the lottery or my rich uncle gets out of the poor house.

Great blog 2 - hats off to you.