Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Big 40

So I am sitting here thinking WOW in less than a month I'll be 40. FOUR ZERO!!! I just can't fathom being 40 years old. I still feel 25, I'm told I look significantly younger than I am, I still get carded. I just don't FEEL 40.

Looking back, I remember thinking, no way I'll ever be THAT old. Some of the stunts I pulled in my youthful years I was told, you'll never see 40 if you keep that up. I went to war while in the military and was afraid, I want to see 40. So now here I am....21 days away from my 40th birthday and all I can think is...where the hell did 39 years go?

I think reconnecting with so many friends from my past has really opened my eyes to the fact that we're all getting older. I am thankful for such good genes and the ability to NOT look or feel my age, unlike some others....Some of you haven't aged well at all LMAO I still got love for ya though. Hey, this is my blog and I can say you look like 10 miles of bad road if I want to....At least I didn't name any of you.

In my honest opinion, age is just a number anyway. What matters is how you FEEL. So to all of us out there pushing 40 or have passed 40, here's to us! We still got it. Don't let anyone make you feel less. The haters are just mad 'cause they can't look THIS good HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Here's to my awesome kids...Dominic 16, Brooke & Gabrielle 13. My Dad who is still alive & well at 65 and all of my friends & family who have put up with all of my shit for 40 years and still tell me they love me and are proud of me. To my job that has taken care of me and dealt with me and still wants me running things after 14 years, and even after I piss off their customer....regularly! I love you all.

Randy Age 2


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jiggins said...

I couldn't contemplate 30.. 40 is a big one too.. but only because we make it so. It's sweet at 30 something to still be carded.. I guess I act like a child and that's the biggest part of it all.. not bad, not negative.. grown-biy, I like to say. Ha. Good on ya boss! Happy Birthday to you!