Monday, July 14, 2008

New Period Underwear (LMAO Thanks Amanda)

January 26, 2008

I have a couple of friends that are privy to my private blog. It's a network of sorts. A few of us have blogs and we all read each others shit. Normally I would never post outside of this inner circle, as I would not want my private blog postings made public. In this case I went out of my way to get permission to post. My friend Amanda posted a blog that made me laugh so hard I was crying and I HAD to share it. So for the enjoyment of all, Amanda has let me take some of her work outside of our inner circle so that you may enjoy as well....This is some classically funny shit, I must have read it fifteen times already. The "monkey gets a nosebleed" line....holy shit I thought I'd die....So for your enjoyment....below is an extraction of our private world...Thanks Amanda!!!!

Today, I turned a perfectly good pair of panties into Period Underwear. I hate when that happens. Men may not know what Period Underwear are. I shall explain and enlighten. Period Underwear are what chicks wear when (surprise!) they're on their period. NOTE: they start out as panties, but morph into underwear - PERIOD underwear. A few things can turn panties into Period Underwear. Here are some examples:

1. You're wearing a capable pair of panties and the Monkey Gets a Nosebleed. It leaves an awful stain on the panties, which USUALLY can't be removed, rendering them Period Underwear

2. They're older panties, no longer favorites and you'd never wear them if there was a possibility you were getting laid, so you feel comfortable wearing them when Aunt Flo Comes to Visit, demoting them to Period Underwear status

3. They're granny panties, you can't remember why you have them and you pretty much only wear them when you're home sick, or just plain suffering from the pain and bloat of being OTR because they're really comfy and never ride up so they're by default Period Underwear

4. These are nice panties, something you'll wear even if you're NOT Surfing the Crimson Flow and you're not at all afraid to be seen in them but they're dark colored (black, navy, red), thereby making them both Non-Period Panties and Period Underwear

That should do it! So men, now you know one of our dirty little secrets. If you see us in items 1 - 3, consider it notice that George is in Town. How you handle that knowledge is your affair, I'm just here to give you the low-down. If you see us in item 4, things could go either way, proceed as you wish.

Ladies, as one of THOSE commercials says, Have a Happy Period!

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