Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Am McLovin'

So a few friends were over last night and someone said "let's watch a movie" and because I am the center of the blue-ray universe and have a video store in my livingroom, it was a fair request. Now when the subject came up of what to watch, it was unanimously voted that it was to be a comedy. Almost Immediately I said.....SUPERBAD!!! several agreed and were very enthusiastic of my comedy's quite good, I might add.....but then something happened, something alarming....there were people in my house that actually said "What's Superbad" OMG!! Blasphemy!!! What's Superbad? It's only the most awesome comedy....EVER!!! Let's put it this way, all comedies are now a distant 2nd in my book when it comes to Superbad. And when I say this movie will make you laugh until you hurt.....I'm understating a bit. This movie will not only make you laugh until you hurt, it will make you laugh until you cry then as soon as it ends, you'll want to replay it's THAT funny!!! So if you are of the minority who aren't familiar with Superbad......until you watch it, you're dead to me!!! Here's a few clips to warm you up.

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LoraLoo said...

OMG This movie made me cry, I was laughing so hard. Incidentally, you're right... cause I watched it, and then immediately watched it again. I need to go pick up a copy to keep, I'd gotten it from Netflix.