Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Monday......MUTE MY TV!!!

Ok...So I haven't watched Monday Night Football with sound in 3 years....seriously, it's muted...SERIOUSLY!!!

My fucking ears BLEED when I hear the voice of Tony Kornheiser. You know Tony...he's the third wheel in the booth with Tirico and Jaws. I swear to your God, the fucking guy hasn't said anything worth while, intelligent, or even remotely interesting...EVER! He tells these stupid jokes...circa 1940, has let a racial slur slip a time or two, and has completely destroyed ACTUAL NFL facts on a regular basis. He's fucked up facts so often that I actually believed someone was PUNKING him and feeding misinformation on purpose...NOPE!! He's just that god damn stupid. I'm baffled as to how or why he's even employed. I had to google him because I thought he must own ESPN or something because NOBODY would actually give this guy a job. You think Dennis Miller was bad on MNF? HA!! Tony Kornholio makes Dennis Miller look like John Madden in the booth.

So every Monday, even if it's a highly anticipated, good game on the schedule....I seriously get a little depressed because I know I'm either gonna skip it altogether OR watch it muted with my itunes playing. I'd rather jam a fucking fork in my eye than listen to Tony Kornheiser for 15 seconds. The guy has KILLED Monday Night Football....Now someone....PLEASE KILL HIM!!!!


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LoraLoo said...

I couldn't help but hear how seriously pissed off you are here, and then started cracking up to myself, cause you're SO PISSED OFF here. :D

I never listen to MNF either. Dennis Miller kind of ruined me here. I enjoy him, but not mixed with football.