Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TBS Announcers SUCK!!!

Ok so my Red Sox are losing big.....AGAIN. It's 11-1 in the 6th. So if that's not painful enough, the jackass announcer has to throw in, right before the break......The "Boston Massacre will continue when we return" What an asshole....I hope he gets dick cancer!!! Why does everyone hate the Red Sox? You're all supposed to hate the Yankees!!!! How can you hate a team that has STEPHEN KING as a fan?


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LoraLoo said...

Ok, well Stephen King is his own category of freak - but that's not really related to your post now, is it. Heh!

I can't do baseball unless I'm watching a live game. Remember the Stars? Oh wait, the 51's. No, wait, they're something new now, right? Whatever they're called, they suck. :)

I agree, however, that we're supposed to hate the Yankees. Even *I* know that.