Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Shenanigans Crack Me Up

So I have this friend, who lives in a different time zone. I've been warning her that one night, randomly, I will proceed to call and text her over and over again, for the sole purpose of waking her up from a sound night sleep. I've held off for a perfect time, and tonight was that perfect time.

You see, I KNEW she got HAMMERED last night and was probably hurtin for certain and REALLY needed to get that quality sleep so she can work tomorrow. So I patiently waited all day, knowing full well I would set my master plan in action very, very late. So at about 2am her time, while she was getting that much needed recovery sleep....I called her like 5 times, leaving voicemail so her phone would beep, and texting her. I knew she MUST leave her phone on for work purposes and I was banking on her cell phone alerts for voicemail and text messages were active and loud. I didn't disappoint myself...It was beautiful. Here's her replies to my shenanigans, no more than 5 minutes after I left 5 voicemails and 5 text messages...obviously she's awake now LMAO!

Text # 1 - "Duuuuuude u pickd the WORST day 2 do this. Thanks LOL"
Text #2 - "U have no clue just how fukd up it is. U timed it perfectly. I am forced to hate you now".

Mission accomplished!! I sooooooo RULE!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!


Nik said...

Friend is the way wrong term, jerk! You lost the privilege of my being a friend when you did what you did. See you started out with mad cool points because you're funny. Then you lost sooo many points for being an ND fan, now you're like negative eleventy billion after this bullshit. You should know, I've already paid someone to trach your ass! Oh yeah, blunt object right in your throat! Revenge will be mine, fucker!!!

Randy said...


OMG I'm LMFAO. I kick so much ass!

LoraLoo said...

I just came from Nik's place and when I started reading this I was like "Man, Nik was talking about some asshole texting her while she was trying to sleep off the party starting at like 2am..."

OMG, Randy... you're so bad! You never, ever, ever - never, EVER fuck with a woman's sleep like that. She will fuck your shit up. :)

Randy said...

Look....I warned her, She KNEW it was coming. It's not my fault that I'm a master strategist. I fucking RULE!!! To make up for it, I'm sending her a box of cheese to go with her WHINE!

Nik said...

I honestly have to give you credit, it was damn funny. I really didn't think you'd actually do something like this. Lesson fuckin learned, dude. I paid for it Tuesday though, Monday not so bad. You know what you can do with that cheese though.

Anonymous said...

thats the best part of that freakin movie! me and karnell fast forward to that part every time!

Jen said...

LOL. Perfect clip for that post. (I'm her sis by the way)