Monday, December 29, 2008

A Week?

WOW..I haven't blogged in a week. Guess I haven't had shit to say...weird! Usually I have quite a bit to say..So here I am, blogging today to let you know that I'm here but I have nothing to the moment. Except for what I just said, beyond that I don't have anything else...ok now this is turning into something else, so I need to stop because I have nothing else right now...or I didn't then...I may in the future...oh shit it is the future...OK STOP IT, you're luring me into blogging when I have nothing to say. Maybe tomorrow, nothing else today though...right! OK! Good! So we're done then?1 Cool! Talk to you tomorrow....or shortly thereafter..whichever suits me...suits YOU? I don't care!! I'll blog when I wanna, not when you demand it....

Shit, I'm sorry people...the voices in my head were talking to me again...Have a nice day!


LoraLoo said...

Huh? There were so many of you talking I got lost. LMAO!

You've been laying low here, but I think we all have weeks like that. Well except me, cause I've always got a bunch of nothing to say. Heh!

Nik said...

Time for your "special candy" again? lol They make pill boxes so you won't forget when to take that stuff, ya know.