Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok....So I have been a loyal follower of CSI (The Original) since it began. I own every season on DVD and have ALWAYS said CSI is my favorite amongst the 3 on television. When CSI spun off CSI: Miami....I checked it out, but quickly dismissed it. David Caruso is just AWFUL and the Medical Examiner on that show is really, really creepy with the dead people...she caresses them and talks to them and's really horrifying. So CSI: Miami was definitely out, I've never seen an episode after season 1. Then CSI: Miami spun off CSI: NY and I was totally against it and severely biased that it was going to suck....but...I gave it a go. WOW!! It was awesome! I loved it immediately. However, I never discussed it when the subject of "your favorite CSI" came up...I was loyal to the original and wasn't about to sway. Even though CSI: NY has one of the HOTTEST women on TV on the show Melina Kanakaredes.


Still, her obvious hotness could not make me name it as my favorite CSI, no way, no how! Then came the new season...Warrick was gone, now Grissom is gone and I'm sorry but Marg Helgenberger is NOT hot, not even a little, even though they specifically write it into the show that she IS hot. After losing the 2 best characters on the show, I'm sorry to say that CSI is no longer my favorite of the genre...and them bringing in Lawrence Fishburn, as great as he is, to replace Grissom, won't help me change my mind...My favorite CSI is now CSI: NY, hands down!! The cast rules! Gary Sinise is amazing and Carmine Giovinazzo is really good too....not to mention the complete and total hotness of Melina Kanakaredes. So there it is! I have publically announced my intentions of being a loyal CSI: NY fan and naming it my #1 CSI show.



LoraLoo said...

Traitor... LOL

I watched CSI Vegas for several seasons but don't watch anymore - not because it's not good, just the non-tv thing I have going. I did watch the last half hour of Grissolm leaving, he really made that show for me, so Fishbourne has some HUGE shoes to fill for a lot of fans, I'm sure.

Angi said...

I can't get into the spin offs, and now that Gil is gone I think I am too. Just too many key players have left and it leaves me sad, so it's not even on my dvr record list.
I used to also love Las Vegas - but it got cancelled. All the new shows are getting the ax and it sucks.