Friday, January 16, 2009

Road Warrior!!!

So I just came out of my coma....literally!

I had to make a road trip to Seattle to handle a personal matter, unexpectedly. So I found myself doing something pretty stupid, now that I have had time to reflect. I wanted to go to Seattle, handle my bidnezz, and come right back home....Long story! So here's what I did. I stayed awake for 39 hours straight and drove for 27 hours total. My only break in that 27 hours were gas station stops, and the aforementioned "bidnezz" I had to handle. I hurt in places I didn't know I had....sitting in a car all that time was not a good thing LOL. I also totally blew the reason I wanted to get back home in a hurry...I had meetings at work I needed to attend...Nobody told me that when you keep your body awake for 39 hours living on nothing but Monster energy drinks...when you "crash" it's gonna be really hard, and it was....I slept 16 1/2 hours LMAO!! Work? Meetings? Cell Phone? what the hell are those?, I slept right thru all of it...oh well, I'll deal with it on Monday. Right now all I want to do is sit in my recliner and zone out....I seriously have pains that I didn't know I had or would feel while I was driving....after sleeping it off and climbing outta bed..OH MY GOD...for the first time ever....I felt a little old.

I've always been a road warrior. I've made the coast to coast trip 7 times, I've driven thousands of miles....but I've always had a break, always took my time, never went somewhere that was 1000 miles away, did what I had to do in an hour, and drove another thousand miles to get right back....all on no sleep and no wasn't my usual "fun road trip mood" this time it was a "i hate my life" mood...and I never wanna feel that again...cause, life ROCKS!!!

I DO need to thank Lora and Nik for keeping me awake, safe, and occupied with all the text messages....if it weren't for you 2 I would have never made THANK YOU!! And Melissa for the ability to stay on the phone with me for several hours without wanting to smash her phone with a hammer when it was over....if it weren't for friends like all of you, I may still be lying in a ditch somewhere...literally!

For the takes 14 Monster Energy drinks (Kaos Flavor) to pull that off...but I don't recommend it LOL


LoraLoo said...

Well I have to say I'm totally glad you don't plan on pulling shit like that again...LOL. You are the one, after all, who rides ME about how crappy those damn drinks are for your body! Don't even get me started on all those drinks and NO FOOD. You are so stubborn, you know that?

Anyway, stepping off my soap box. Your home safe, business handled. That's all that matters. :) Glad you got some coma-like sleep and have the whole weekend to find ways to stretch those muscles... heh!

Nik said...

I still think you're fuckin nuts for even attempting this, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do kinda thing. I'm still not cool with the fact that I was kinda concerned about you. lol For real, hope you're feeling much better today.