Friday, August 14, 2009


What's up peeps?! So I haven't blogged in a while and there's a multitude of reasons why. None of which really matter but what the hell, I'm gonna say 'em anyway.

I've been really busy, like no time in the day and when I do get time, I just wanna chill.

I've connected with a TON of old friends on Facebook and have shared story after story there and by the time blogging time rolls around, I got nuthin!

My evil, nasty, vile, ex wife checks up on me thru several outlets. I've blocked her on everything except for my blog. She's a freak and uses everything I say for her benefit. I dislike her so much, I kinda understand why OJ did it! HYPOTHETICALLY!!

My blog is listed on my myspace and facebook, so any of my friends can simply link to it. Now while I really don't care what people think about me, I'm having mixed feelings about being myself on my blog with the chance somebody with high, upstanding morals may read it and be offended....somebody I like and care about. We all know how I occasionally cut loose on here. Some people don't know that Randy.

I'm going to find a safe medium and get back to it. Then again I may just tell the safe medium to bite me and continue to do what I do when I want to do it....either way, it's time to re-kick start this bad ass blog and get back at it. Until then....CELEBRATE BITCHES, CELEBRATE!

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Nik said...

I vote for you telling the safe medium to bite you! If you have to censor yourself then why bother? It's no fun if ya can't be yourself on your own blog.

Oh and blogland's been really quiet this summer, so no worries on your lack of posting. We've found other ways to entertain ourselves in your absence. hehehe