Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Things That Irritated Me Today.....ALREADY!!

Ok so yesterday sucked ass and it's probably just me being extremely annoyed today because it carried over. Things today are just bothering the fucker outta me.....I thought I'd share.

1.These Boost Mobile phones ads. Y'know the ones ... "Now you can chirp your homies whenever you want!" and "Where you at?" Fuck you. I'm gonna be AT your house with a foot up your ass if you don't stop chirping me, homie.

2. And on the subject of phones, who came up with text messaging? Fuck that guy in the ear. I tried it the other night, it took me five minutes to key in "call me later" to a friend, who ended up calling me in the middle of my text message and left me a voice mail that said, "text me later dawg!" What a fucking waste of technology. And to people who have long conversations via text messaging - pick up the fucking phone and talk to them you socially inept, dysfunctional douchebag!

3. People waiting in line for the release of new video games. Hey, dudes, want a sure fire way to guarantee you won't feel the warm touch of a woman for the next 10 years? Stand out in line in front of a video game store for a few hours. Nothing says chronic masturbator like wearing a Donkey Kong t-shirt and standing in front of Game Crazy at 7 AM (They don’t open until 10) with your fellow gamers. Geek factor 10+ for all you fuckers. Pay me $40 of the $70 bucks you're gonna pay and I'll download it for you......IDIOTS!!

4. People with teddy bears in their cars. Okay, I can understand a 16 year female doing this, but every time I see a guy in his supped up Honda complete with teddy bears staring at me from the back window I get a good idea of who wears the pants in that relationship. Knock that shit's a fucking car, not your bedroom.....Aside from the fact that you're clearly breaking at least 5 man laws.

5. The pens in my office. Or should I say the lack of. Fuck, I buy a ten pack of those blue paper mate medium point pens every week and sure as shit, come Friday they are gone. They're not in my office, they're not in the data entry girls' desk drawers, the delivery trucks, the warehouse, the break room, the back office, the floor, the garbage, my clipboard or pockets. Conclusion: they're being abducted by aliens in some weird Area 51 conspiracy to rid the world of simple communication. Guess I'll have to text message everything since I can't find a fucking pen to write it down.

Happy Hump Day...Where you AT?!

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LoraLoo said...

WOW... you did NOT have your Wheaties today. :)

I happen to be very guilty of text messaging. From the car, in a meeting, while on the phone with someone else... keeps it simple and to the point, without a 20 minute conversation.

Since I'm the token girl on the team, I just have pens with all pink ink. They NEVER get stolen. :)