Sunday, September 14, 2008

She's STILL Hot!!!!!

Ok...So there was a bit of a debate today while I watched my Seahawks get beat by ANOTHER sub par team (more on that later).....Anyway, the debate came after a commercial for some show that Brooke Shields is in. I say..."Ya know, Brooke Shields is STILL freakin HOT!!!" Immediately you'd have thought I said...ya know, I really want to bang Estelle Getty in the ass. Damned near EVERY person in the room argued that Brooke is NOT hot......HATERS!!!! She's totally hot.

Look, Brooke Shields holds a special place in my heart. She was my first sexual experience, I did her 3 times a day....EVERYDAY...back in the day. Ok, so she wasn't physically present...but we did sexy times DAILY. She was my first!! So all you haters out there...STFU!! Brooke Shields IS STILL freakin HOT!!!


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LoraLoo said...

Ok what's really cool about this is she is 42. I hope you're not going to add that you were staring at a Blue Lagoon poster... cause dude, we were 10 when that movie was released. LOL