Sunday, November 23, 2008

5 Jams On My iPod Today

I'm just chillin' total recovery mode. iPod is on shuffle and whatever plays.....plays

Metallica - Unforgiven: "tallica" is a must have on my ipod...and in my collection, in general.

Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah: Not sure when this got in there, I think someone may have "planted" it....Still, the song don't suck!

Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb:
My favorite band of all time

Sublime - Summertime: I like more of Sublimes underground stuff, but this one aint bad at all.

Pink - Just Like A Pill:
I've always had a thing for Pink...I think she's the shit!

1 comment:

LoraLoo said...

Metallica is ok - not something I go looking for in the iPod, but I have quite a bit of it.

I don't have the Plain White T's in my collection but that is a good song.

Rage Against the Machine - I love that guys voice!

Sublime - I never took this band very seriously? I do like the Smoke Two Joints song though, it's a good take from the original, and it makes me giggle like a 14 year old who sees nakedness in a movie!