Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok so after dinner last night, some friends suggested we go check out something called Body Worlds 3. I had never heard of it so my immediate reaction was....sounds reeeeeal exciting in my most condescending voice possible. Everyone kinda tripped out that I didn't know what it was and all of a sudden it became this top secret location that I HAD to see. Reluctantly.....I got dragged along for what I was SURE was going to be a painfully boring night......

When we arrive, everyone is trying to keep me from reading about it or knowing about it. Trying hard to keep me in the dark, so to speak. From what I gathered before was basically some exhibit about the human body.....yada, yada, yada. I KNEW it was going to SUCK and I was a bit annoyed that I got dragged into it. So not knowing anymore than it's an anatomy class that retards pay for...I went in.


So inside there are these....ummm....BODIES!! Posed in different poses doing different shit, that's not the point. The point is...THESE ARE REAL HUMAN BODIES!!! Like REAL dead people....with NO SKIN....DEAD PEOPLE WITH NO SKIN....POSING!!!!

At the first "exhibit" I had a total Jeff Spicoli moment..OHHHHHH GNARLY!!! The whole place was fucking freaky and I don't freak easily. But this place was filled with REAL skinless dead people posing like regular people. I don't even go into hospitals because it's too close to death. This place was like the morgue on steroids and I was totally buggin out. So needless to say, after like 4 bodies, I BAILED and waited outside. All I could feel was death creeping into me, like if I breathe too heavily, death might crawl down my throat. The ONLY place on earth that scares me is the hospital because hospitals have dead or close to dead people in them and death just lurks in the hallways...this fucking place skipped right past hiding and the skinless dead reaper people were trying to get I got the hell outta Dodge!!

It was cold last night but I STILL drove all the way home with the windows down. And the shower I took when I got home coulda cleaned the rust off of a 80 year screw. Needless to say my friends and especially Melissa KNEW that shit would freak me out and because I torture my friends with practical jokes...this made their millennium. I still feel dead people on my skin today and it AINT cool. So laugh it up guys....Payback is a BITCH!!!

I didn't take these pics. I didn't know I would even be at this place and even had I known I never woulda stuck around long enough to take pictures....but this is EXACTLY what was inside this freakshow of skinless dead people place.






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LoraLoo said...

Uhhhh... I think I woulda been outside with you. Freaky shit.