Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WTF Just Happened???

Sometimes your world takes a turn for the surreal...

As we stood in the middle of the Albertson's produce section, trying to decide whether $4 was a good deal for 3 undersized tomatoes, she came around the corner. 8 years old, going on 28. She'd left her dad at the end of the snack aisle talking on his cell phone with a cart full of overpriced junk food alternatives. Before I could flash my default "what a cute kid" smile, her hand was on my ass as she proclaimed to the world, "I LIKE BOYS!"

And then just like that....she was gone.

Turning to me in disbelief, my female friend asked, "did you just get felt up by a preschooler?"

Still reeling a little from the incident, I decided to shake off the trauma and we headed to the dairy section for the $6 pumpkin pie coffee creamer. I almost dropped the container when I saw her dad again. still on the phone. And there she was, coming in for a second pass. I couldn't let it happen again. With nowhere else to go, I took refuge behind my female friend. Thankfully that was enough, the kid bailed on the attempt and veered off toward the free samples of toaster strudel, leaving me shamed, bewildered, and cowering behind my 5'tall female friend/bodyguard.

As we warily made our way to the register, I could only think to myself "maybe those child leashes aren't such a bad idea." From now on, I'm going to Smith's. At least I can outrun the 70 year old ladies.

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LoraLoo said...

LMAO... you got sexually harassed by a little girl... I'm in tears from laughter here!