Monday, November 17, 2008

Disaster....That's My Story & I'm Sticking To It!!

So I called into work today and let my Admin Asst. know that I wouldn't be in because I had a "disaster" at my house overnight.

Ok so maybe I embellished a bit....Last night at around 1:30am I hear my doorbell of all things. I wakeup, grab my gun (yea? and?!) and go to the door. It's the little old lady next door and she tells me that water is shooting from beside my place onto her porch and windows. I go out to inspect the claim and sure enough...Broken Water Pipe! It was the main line so I needed to turn the water off at the street, only there's no water cut off at the street, that I could I covered the break with a tarp so it wouldn't spray the little old lady next door, left a message on the emergency maintenance number, put a note on my door to not ring the bell I knew I had a water leak, and went back to bed.

I got up at about 6:30am and went to check the "leak" I now have what I am calling Lake Randy The Great out in the street....I laughed, I don't know why...but I laughed. I went in and called maintenance AGAIN, this time the dude said he'd be right over. At around 7:15 there's a knock at my door and some kid standing there....I say I don't want to subscribe to the newspaper kid, thanks anyway...he goes...I'm the maintenance guy....Why am I not suprised. So I go ok kid....the water needs to be turned off at the main, he goes...where's the main...NICE!!! I ask him if his Dad is around...He goes...My Dad lives in Idaho...Terrific!! So I came over here for a reason, what was it...He goes...You called so I came over....I ask if I tell you to roll over will I need to give you a biscuit? He laughs....I smirk. I tell him...I guess I'll take care of the leak, don't work too hard today and I walk away. I put in a call to the water company's emergency number and immediately get a return call...They are on their way. So I called into work, told them there is a natural disaster and the future of Lake Randy The Great may be in jeopardy and I need to have all my calls and emails forwarded to my phone. A suprise 3-day weekend...I love it!!!

The water company shut the water off. I went to Home Depot and got the parts to fix the pipe. Slapped it all together in about 10 mins, turned the water back on (now that I know where the main is) and VIOLA!!! Nothing to do but chill for the rest of the day...Disaster averted (thanks to my keen plumbing skills) Lake Randy The Great may become Lake Randy The Awesome Ice Rink sometime later today/tonight so it looks like that natural monument will be with us for a while and I have the rest of the day to kick back in my underwear and watch stupid shit on TV....I love the unexpected 3-day weekend!!

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LoraLoo said...

Nice!! I'm so jealous... well except about the ice rink out the back door. I can't ice skate, and why would I? It's so cold?

But the day off - yeah, definitely jealous.