Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Top 5

Some friends and I were in a discussion today and it was all about "our top 5" You know....Female celebs you want to bang LMAO or famous women who are your top 5 hottest. Of course we didn't all agree, and some choices were rather shocking...1 of which was mine but oh well...it's MY top 5 and that's that!! So I figured I'd share.....here they are IN ORDER...

#1 Kate Beckinsale

#2 Gwen Stefani

#3 Kate Hudson

#4 Rosario Dawson

#5 Megan Fox

There's 1 female that is hard to leave off the list, but if she were standing with these 5...she'd be picked last....but not least and she is....

Honorable Mention Drew Barrymore


LoraLoo said...

Kate Hudson? Seriously? She is concave up top, Randy... come on now. I'd put Drew Barrymore in her place and make her the honorable mention (I am definitely a Drew fan, and if I played on the other side of the sandbox, she'd be on MY list).

Other than Kate Hudson, definitely not a bad list.

Randy said...

OMGGGGG!!! Why does EVERYONE hate on Kate Hudson? She's freakin HOT!!! So she has small titties....small titties need love too. LMAO